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My Nikmart Programme (Free Product)

To Our New Customers! Hello.

We promise you won't regret signing up the contract.
Who don't like free products?
Yes, we're not kidding when we said you can get free home appliances if you sign up our Nikmart Programme. 
You Only need to ensure that you are able to commit to this one condition before signing up, which is not that hard to fulfil.
You need to ensure that you make a min purchase, as low as $ 50, as per your programme for the duration you sign up for.
We are the only grocery store which has this crazy programme and we love to put a smile on our customer's face hehe.

Choose from one of the following Programme :-

A - Nikmart Super Jr ( Min Purchase of  $50 for a period of 6 Months) Eg Gift: Blender etc
B - Nikmart Jr (MIn Purchase of $100 for a period of 6 Month) Eg Gift: Airfryer etc

How To Sign Up?

Call our hotline at 6348 6561, drop an email to or you can always visit our warehouse at 8 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #03-19 Singapore 417841
To Our Beloved Existing Customers
You can always make your purchases through our website, register an account with the name you sign up with and we are able to automatically verify if you are a member with us. So don't have to worry. You can always enquire with us hehe.